Bonzai Creative Solutions

Bonzai App Story

Bonzai Creative Solutions was founded in 2012 by a Silicon Valley executive with over 20 years experience developing highly complex applications for top Fortune 50 companies. We became increasingly frustrated with the lack of build quality found in the available mobile solutions.

Bonzai’s mission is to use our extensive app development knowledge while implementing our custom and innovative technologies to translate your app into a highly profitable, revenue-generating machine that appeals to your user’s need for an addictive, beautiful and intuitive interface that is error free. And of course, while we’re helping you laugh all the way to the bank, we don’t mind winning a few awards along the way ourselves.

Visa, Bank Of America, Disney, JPMorgan Chase, ADP… Are you seriously ready for success? Then contact us today and add your name to this list!

Our Team

Marc Nichols


Jill Miller

Director of Project Management

Michael Leeds

Director of Sales and Marketing

Mary Dougherty


Mark Kendall

Director of Project Management

Hanna Hawthorne

Senior Systems Analyst

Kevin Hill


Jane Elias

Director of Product Management

Tim Rank

Director of Human Resources