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How We’ll Bring Your Award Worthy App To Market

At Bonzai the creative fires of ideation and cutting-edge technological innovation are constantly burning and, as our client, you gain all the benefits.

What distinguishes us from our competitors is not as much about what goes into our apps as the philosophies that drive them. This is what fuels our clients’ success.

Ideation: Creativity is always in rare supply because it’s easier to copy a great idea than to develop a disruptive one. Bonzai’s creative fires are always burning! We thrive on creating unique ideas born out of research that may show up in the form of your app’s design or “sticky features” that attracts and retains users. Our dedicated ideation team provides great ideas so rather than following the field, you’re always leading it.

Client Education: Whether you’re a startup or an Enterprise client, we educate you on the realities of entering the marketplace throughout the entire app development process. Whether you’re developing a small-scale app or a tech company, your education fuels your app’s success!

History and Successes: We know how to make your app market ready. With over 20 years of Silicon Valley experience developing apps for Fortune 500 companies and mobile, we’ve gained knowledge that you simply can’t read in a book. We learned how to build effective senior teams, develop with AGILE methodologies and build an overall structure that allows us to create the three most important “cool app!” qualities to your users: An attractive and intuitive interface, addictive features and error free performance.

Passion: Every member of our team loves what they do! We don’t develop mobile apps because we need to, we exceed expectations because mobile app development is our passion and our passion compels us to make your app innovative.