An addictive game where you get to defend the Donutski family’s donut shop from the big, bad Donut World that shoots up next door.

The Donutski family, saddened and maddened by losing their customers to these corporate bullies, decides to get even, one donut at a time! SPLAT, SPLOOSH, SPLASH! Mama and Papa D. take their surplus of donuts to the streets, and begin chucking them at any unsuspecting fool trying to enter the Donut World. If Mama and Papa ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

Features :

  • SEarn points for every person you wallop with a donut
  • Extra points for head shots
  • Lose a life if you hit a safe person – policeman, old lady, priest, or a woman with a stroller
  • Earn donut guns or sling shots for high score play
  • Different kinds of donuts to throw at people! Glazed, powdered, jelly, cream-filled, etc

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